You will be amazed by the view. From the air, you will see in one picture the green hills of the Srednogorieta, the “City of Poets” with its straight streets and the endless Thracian plain. We will also fly over one of the most magnificent monuments of Bulgaria – the Samara flag.

  • You can make a reservation by calling us at +359 89 68 69 200 or writing to us at
  • The price varies according to the duration of the flight: 20 min. = BGN 170. 30 min. = BGN 200. 60 min. = BGN 330.
  • The place of departure is the airfield in the village of Kolarovo. It is located south of Stara Zagora and is very close to the turnoff from the highway “Trakia” to the city.
  • Map:
  • Payment can be made to the account of “Extreme Universe” OOD with IBAN G28FINV91501016798727
  • Invoice will be issued to the individual or legal entity that made the transfer.
  • You will receive a gift voucher by e-mail or at an address if you wish it to be in paper form. Write us your name, the name of the recipient and a greeting to make your gift even more personal and joyful.
  • Delivery of the voucher is at our expense and to your door.
  • The validity of the voucher is 7 months from the date of issue.
  • Changes can be made no later than 3 days before the flight.
  • You can return the purchase within 14 days. The amount you transferred to “Extreme Universe” OOD will be refunded to you, after deducting the fees for the bank operations that accompany the money transfers.
  • The licensed pilot you will fly with has many years of flying experience and is a flight instructor.
  • The certified, motorized paraglider is manufactured by “Extreme Universe” OOD and has all the necessary licenses and certificates to fly in the airspace of the Republic of Bulgaria. 
  • A declaration of release from liability and for the provision of personal data will be provided to you on site by the instructor. Acquaintance with its content, completion and signature by the passenger is a mandatory condition for the flight.
  • A declaration by a parent is completed for persons under 18 years of age.
  • Insurance is mandatory for the duration of the flight. We provide it to you for free.
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