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In the fight for consumer attention, marketing professionals did not hesitate to attack from the air. One of the current trends that is gaining ground and gaining popularity is the use of aerial advertising, according to a study of non-traditional forms and ways of advertising by Millward Brown published in Research Magazine (Research magazine). The basis of the marketing research is the comparison of traditional and non-traditional advertising forms with the target groups.

The results of the study show that the effectiveness of aerial advertising and promotions ranks second after television advertising. One of the main reasons for this conclusion is the large number of potential customers covered by aviation promotions.
In addition, the attractiveness and the psychological factor hold the attention of the recipients much more than any other type of advertising. This ad cannot be accustomed to because it does not occur with the frequency of television and simply does not have the ability to become annoying, say analysts at Mill Brown.
They define aerial advertising as an alternative outdoor advertisement that reaches its recipients in a unique way in a space that is not congested with other advertisements.

Proof of effective cost of air advertising (CPM) is provided by analysts at the Arbitron Media Marketing Agency. They cite the example of launching a state lottery in the United States when the advertising budget was allocated between television, radio and outdoor advertising.
After the end of the campaign, a survey was conducted on the impact of advertising, which showed that 70% of the population was aware of the start of the lottery.
On the question ,how they learned, the respondents indicated the following answers: from billboards – 21.6%, from radio ads – 19.8%, from aerial ads – 18.3%, from television advertising – 15.9%, from advertising posters on the streets – 14.9%. This means that air advertising ranked third in performance and only 6% of its total advertising budget was spent.

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You can take advantage of our services in discovering hotels, office buildings, new facilities, exhibitions, other important events, parties (for restaurants on the sea – advertising over the beach, and for those in the mountains – over the runways), wedding parties, explanations of love, attractive gift giving and many more interesting ideas that we can make a reality.

Here are some aerial advertising suggestions:

Drawing a banner from a motor paraglider, hang glider or ultra – light aircraft.
Release of aerials, newsletters or brochures.
Aircraft branding with your company logo.
Aerial photo and video shooting.

The impression that a flying banner makes is many times more impactful than that placed on a building, billboard, pylon, etc.

Your message can be printed on banners of different sizes, starting from 1.5 meters (height) to 3 meters (length) and reaching 3 meters (height) to 5 meters (length).

The cost of the service is based on flight time, with a minimum of 30 minutes. For more details, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Whe have the wings to take your message to the sky!